What I see

Often, my printmaking is a reflection of what I am seeing right in front of me. I have a million and one ideas, because the information is coming in fast! I want to take pictures of everything, and I want to make prints of it all. My sister and I went on a walking tour in Berlin in 2018 on one of my visits there.

I saw many many crows, in fact the only bird sound was of the crows, squawking overhead. Granted I have never been in the summertime, and so it is possible that there are other birds, I just never heard many. There were a couple of little sparrows sitting on tables, but mostly, I saw crows.

On the walking tour of the graffiti in Berlin, we stopped at a road crossing and right in front of me, were these legs in stockings with stripes and to the left of them a crow checking them out. This image is about that – just a memory of Berlin at that time.

Published by Beth McAlpine

Print & Fine Artist

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