“The joy of discovering materials which, when they are combined, create the unexpected in many cases and are a joyful expression for me. The combination of ink and line sustain and source me.”

Beth McAlpine

“Making lines and shapes has always been my passion.” Beth McAlpine

My Inspiration.

I have a strong connection with nature, plants, birds and animals, and so of course, these are my greatest inspiration.

The Painted Wolf (Lycaon Pictus), also known as African Wild Dogs or African Hunting Dogs, are the inspiration for my upcoming exhibition.

There are only 6500 of these beautiful tri-coloured creatures which means they are one of Africa’s most endangered species.

Latest Exhibition.

Solo Exhibition

“The Painted Wolf”

Venue: Real Mackay, Blairegowrie, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Dates: 14th-30th November 2019

My Techniques.

“From an early age I drew wherever I could…even the walls!  The expressiveness of a simple line or group of lines making a statement is always what I am after.

The discovery of mono printing has been really exciting and I am leaning in to where it will take me as an artist. ”

“I’m not an animal lover if that means you think things are nice if you can pat them, but I am intoxicated by animals”.

Sir David Attenborough

Beth McAlpine

Beth McAlpine
Print & Fine Artist
South Africa
  • Print Maker.
  • Fine Artist
  • Professional Coach & Facilitator.
  • Passionate about the conservation of The Painted Wolf.

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