Coaching, Facilitation and Art – March Special Offers

Your most essential self …

My purpose in life is that you find your most essential self and express this in the world. I use a number of powerful models to assist you to have a more powerful experience of yourself, others and of LIFE itself!

I am passionate about people reaching their goals, and living a more fulfilling life.

Kick start your year with one of these powerful offerings.


  • A complimentary 30 minute ‘Chemistry’ session as a taster of my coaching style.
  • 6 sessions of coaching support @350.00 per session – full payment upfront.
  • Enneagram profiling, plus coaching session @R1500.00 for the profile and debrief coaching session. (more information about the Enneagram below)
  • Coaching using Art – experience the healing power of Art.

Email me @ for more info!

Power of Purpose

Free workshop offer! These are tasters for the Power of Purpose course starting on the 22 of Feb!

The Enneagram – a Powerful tool for personal insight and Transformation:

The Enneagram is a diagnostic tool which enables you to see yourself, your strengths and weaknesses as well as things you never knew.

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The Enneagram Model

The Enneagram is a framework of types or personas to understand our motivations and the reasons why we do things the way we do. Through our exploration of this tool, we can come to a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. A deeply intuitive, transformational tool.

I have used this tool to work with clients to achieve amazing insights into self, others and the situation (Context) in which they find themselves.

I love the Enneagram and its power to enable you to see yourself, to understand others and to see how LIFE is speaking to you through the context in which we are in.


An Enneagram profile with a coaching debrief normally costs a total of R1940 (R440 for the report and R1500 for the debrief). I currently have a special offer at a reduced price of R1140 (R440 for the report and only R700 for the debrief).

I would love you to experience this powerful tool!

Coaching with Art:

More about me:

As a coach, facilitator and artist I bring my creativity into everything I do. I run my own business working with individuals and groups.

I have engaged with prestigious corporate clients creating large scale business performance interventions for middle to senior management and executives. My business performance development clients include Standard Bank, Engen, Petro SA, ACSA, Sasol, Government Employees Medical Scheme, Gordon Institute of Business Science, Transnet, Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, Greenpeace and others.

My commitment to each and every learner, is evidenced by my clients, most often, extending her offerings, on a repeat basis, to a broader audience in their organisations. The Engen High Potential Individuals programme ran for 6 years, with 4 groups completing a highly complex programme. The Engen programme, presented a unique challenge in collaborating with another service provider and seamlessly integrating two distinctly diverse solutions. The individuals participating in the programme were operating at very high stress levels, and it was largely as a result of my perceptiveness to this situation. This demonstrated my agility and flexibility, the high potential individuals were able to achieve the client’s mandate without compromising their functional competence and performance.

I have moderated and marked MBA exams and assignments for the Gordon Institute of Business Science, offering her measurable feedback on the outcomes and achievements of the MBA student’s learnings.

As an ICF accredited coach I have coached individuals, facilitated group conversations and team building sessions and trained over 700 individuals in thinking skills and personal mastery disciplines. I have facilitated as far afield as Liberia where I co-facilitated a weeklong “transformation and mobilization workshop.

I am also an accredited in Dr Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats and Power of Perception methodologies. I am also accredited in the Enneagram Diagnostic tool for individuals and team coaching. I have completed several coaching modules in the “More to Life” series, including the Power of Self Esteem, Power of Purpose and Power of Connection and Kairos Coaching Programme. I served for 4 years on the More to Life National Board and International Council of Stewards.

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