Play Dates – Intuitive Creative Sessions

As a coach who is also an artist, I often bring creativity into my coaching and facilitation. I use art to work through my own problems, and as a way to reach a place of decision, and often to release emotion and come to a place of peace.

I have recently completed a Udemy Art Therapy Certification course. During lockdown, I created “Play Dates” which were really set up as something my friends and family could do to relieve the tedium of Zoom meetings and being inside.

Most of the people who attended, wanted to learn to draw or tap into their creativity, and to have fun together. What we discovered on a 6 week journey, is that art is an amazing way to connect people, to relieve tension, and to tap into other modes of creativity.

I fashioned the classes in ways that we could learn some technical aspects of drawing and creating, but really with the sole purpose of people finding their own way with colour, or shapes, or shadows and textures/patterns. Here are some delightful examples of their work.

Each week we worked on a theme, and a lot of what emerged was intuitive and flowing. I guide the class on materials, but very little else, other than what they have questions about.

“This is a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon, doing something free-flowing, and creative, and also with some technique behind it. Somehow the end result is more meaningful” Anu

“I have loved interacting with this, and connecting with all of the rest of the people in the group. which allows each one of us freedom to express our creative selves” Dee

“I love how the playful creativity during these sessions is opening up my creativity in other areas of my life … have about 150 blog topics to develop. And, I appreciate the non-judgmentalness and the encouragement of the sessions and the interaction”. Mandy

Here is a little clip if you want to get a sense of what we do in the sessions. This was recorded for SABC. Watch this space.

I plan to keep running these, and have a regular one on Saturday’s at 15h00. Send me a direct message if you would like to join in the fun!

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